SHOCKING TRUTH about replacement iPhone batteries –

REVEALED! This is the SHOCKING TRUTH behind the so-called new and genuine batteries that you can buy from our competitors or from eBay that are cheaper than ours. We expose these cheap batteries that look brand new and genuine and almost the same as our batteries BUT are used, have charge counts (how many times they have been charged) often higher than the original that is being replaced!!! Use

The Untold Truth Of Pimp My Ride

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Pimp My Ride fans may have believed the MTV show acted like a fairy godmother for car lovers who couldn’t afford tricked-out rides. Peek under the hood of this gearhead favorite, however, and instead of finding a shiny V-8, there might be a hamster on a wheel. There’s no arguing Pimp My Ride’s popularity and impact on pop culture, but the show’s behind-the-scenes reality

IS IT REAL?- ThioJoe Tech Tutorials

So there is a lot of controversy going on that ThioJoe’s tutorials are fake, but then comments say ‘Thanks for the tutorial ThioJoe I boosted my internet speed x10!” so it’s very confusing. We’re going to find out once and for all if his tutorials are legit or if they’re fake. _________________________________________________________________ Yes this video was a joke! I was just going along with his videos since he already says

10 Unbelievable Facts About Amway  | Amway Scam ? Absolutely not

You are probably watching this video for two reasons – either you have been shown this amazing business opportunity by an existing distributor or you are just curious kid who wants to know more about the company. May be you are having a question like is it a scam ? is it a pyramid scheme ? does it really work ? In this video, I am going to share 10


▶ WHAT’S ON MY CUSTOM iPHONE?! – In this highly requested video, I show you guys what’s on my red iPhone 6! Hopefully you enjoyed(ed), and could find some new apps that you thought looked good or helpful! 😉 x ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● HIT THE LIKE BUTTON JUST ABOVE FOR MORE…

「FView出品|iPhone SE 消费者报告」

大家好,今年苹果春季发布会,没有去年Apple watch、Apple pay之类会影响我们生活方式的创新物件,而是用iPhone SE炒了一次两年前的冷饭。关于这部手机的表现,我们做直播的时候就已经用一言以蔽之——5s的外观6s的芯,而我今天想从细节处分析——来主要聊聊SE的气质。 ==================== FView将会在保持“真实、客观、独立、自由”前提下,打造“以产品体验为主,输出观点”的媒体平台,建立消费者、厂商、第三方评测机构的健康合作链,把科技资讯与评测报告及时、准确、立体地传达给广大消费者。

Secrets of World War Z Leaked – Alex Jones exposes the Satanic Cabals Plans for “Free” Humanity

Published on 15 Jan 2013 Release date for movie – june 21 2013 – Secrets of World War Z Leaked! Alex Jones tears down step by step how the scenarios portrayed in World War Z tell the story of the end of America and the beginning of UN global rule thanks to the zombies

.YouTube Space Tokyo

I was invited to visit YouTube Space in Tokyo with two of my good mates. It was an awesome experience to see first hand what it would be like to record and produce at a one of the three YouTube Spaces. All of this was shot on my iPhone 5S. Enjoy! Shoutouts: My mate (the guy who tripped at the end) and YouTuber Music by Indecence Follow me