iPhone 7 vs LG G5 vs Galaxy S7, Camera’s, Speed, Plus Features, and MORE! Google Pixel review soon.

Camera Winner – LG G5 !!! The iPhone 7 gets destroyed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 with its superior speed and IQ. The Samsung Galaxy S7 also has slow motion video that can finally compete with the iPhone series…That being said, the Samusung can’t keep up with the LG G5’s 16mp sensor (S7 & iPhone 7 have 12mp) and feature set! The G5’s features include the wide angle second camera,

iPhone 7 Leaks – iPhone 7 with no home button  What!!!

iPhone 7 Leaks – iPhone 7 with no home button What!!! Don’t forget to subcribe if you enjoy the video 🙂 for more to come Facebook: Twitter: For more up to date daily news, please check the second channel

Can Donald Trumps Hair Protect iPhone 6s from Extreme 50 FT Drop Test?

Donald Trump is infamous. His hair even more so. But can his hair actually save an iPhone 6s from a 50 FT drop test onto concrete? Find out in this week’s episode! Shoutout to Proraptor Gaming for suggesting this week’s video idea! Pick-A-Phone Giveaway with TechSmartt: Check out and Sub to TechSmartt: Can Duct Tape Protect an iPad from 100 FT Drop Test? -…

Can Chocolate Chip Cookie Case Save iPad Air from 100 FT Drop Test? – GizmoSlip

We got a little crazy in Brandon’s Kitchen in this week’s video. Today’s recipe was a techno chocolate fusion that merged immigrating tech trends and America innovated cookie making. Bahahahha I can’t hold my laughter back lol. Had a lot of fun baking an iPad Air inside of cookie dough. Some very surprising results along the way. Do you think it can survive? Link to OlloClip 4-in-1 Lens Kit: