Updated iPhone 6S Case Collection!

☆ click show more for avocados ☆ hey guys! today’s video is basically my most popular video…updated! I now have the 6s and have been trying to keep my addiction under control. thanks so much for watching, and I hope you enjoy! xoxo, Lexie I’m selling my old clothes and fun items on these 2 apps: – Mercari App (@ItsMeLexie1)- Use the code “UGYSJC” when you sign up for $2

Summer Fashion Tips – 5 Tips To Battle Summer Like A Diva

The Indian summer can be highly unglamorous. Because unlike the beaches on Brazil.. we can’t really strip down to our bikinis on a day to day basis! So we deal with the humidity in our covered clothing which only means one thing… perspiration…EEEW! We deal with oily skin, unflattering hair and dehydration – like I said, highly unglamorous. So do NOT take this sitting down, gear up with these 5