Energy Assist iPhone 6 Anti Glare Movie Set Overview!

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Searching for a superb anti glare display screen protector? Take a look at my evaluate of the Energy Assist Anti-Glare Movie Set. Additionally, observe me on my social media connections to maintain updated on what is going on on behind the scenes!

Energy Assist iPhone 6 Equipment:

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Konova K1 60cm…


  1. why not show a before and after, still have no idea how much glare this reduces?


  2. So is this power support anti glare screen protectors very grainy like most anti glare screen protectors?


  3. If you buy at the apple store they will install it for you and if it isn't perfect they will give you a new one. Thats what I did and my install was flawless. Five stars and highly recommended 


  4. Ah the power of conforming to the "Apple standard" just to get in the store. I see no issues with the company direct one. In fact it looks so much better. Sad that Apple made them change it. 


  5. I really like you style off reviews man just wanted to let you know keep coming. How bout an iPhone 6 + heavy duty case


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