Phrase 7 T-Cell Recall, LG V20 Event, iPhone 7 Event Preview+ NEW GIVEAWAY!

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  1. dude your the first guy that i really am impressed by your awesome man


  2. That's my teacher!!!! Hey! It's Alison from your MAT-154 class!! I was hesitant to post the comment because I didn't know if you didn't want to talk about what you do. If that's the case, then you can go ahead and delete my comment lol. I subscribed!!!


  3. I have the Korean Verizon note 7 never had any over heating issues when charging the phone or using it


  4. +Jeff Springer have you heard that Google might announce 7" Nexus/Pixel 4GB RAM tablet I can't wait. still waiting for official 7.0 nougat update on Nexus 6P.


  5. So the rumors of Google actually producing their own Pixel and Pixel XL phones aren't true, hmm…..I wish they would so they can compete directly with Apple with full control of Android OS. I'm not familiar with LG phones but it sounds like the V20 is going to be $600+ and I don't like big big phones. :-/


  6. I'm due to upgrade in a little less than 2 months. Coming from note 4 I'm troubled that note 7 doesn't have removable battery. Can't wait to hold both the v20 and note 7 to compare.Thanks for the video.


  7. I believe Samsung made a bold move by Recall the Note 7..this even strengthen the peoples trust in the brand.. looking forward to Apple's event as well..thank You Jeff for the Video and hope win something this time around..✌


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