Galaxy Notice eight vs iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL Blind Digicam Video Take a look at

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Take the blind digicam check problem with the iPhone X vs Galaxy Notice eight vs Pixel 2 XL. Which video from the back and front cameras appears the most effective and sounds the most effective?

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  1. Im confused between note 8 & pixel 2 xl,
    Which one i should go for and between my fav is pixel so i wanna hav yo suggestion.


  2. Camera#1 note8 has the best sound it's loud & clear while camera#2 looks good, small objects like your facial hair are sharp or very detailed & it blurs the background so that your face is the main focus of the video.


  3. It doesn't cease to AMAZE me how much people complained about oversaturation with Samsung phones, and it seems like the Google pixel and the iPhone took over in that department.😒


  4. Note 8 is the best for sound video, pixel and iPhone sounds hollow and pixel made your face more orangy than natural colour and beside 4k at 60fps samsung is releasing a update shortly for this. SAMSUNG NOTE 8 ALL THE WAY 🙂


  5. Note 8 is a lil bit like the Pixel cam but the Pixel audio sounds clutching..iPhone X camera maintain colours well and audio was clear. iPhone X won in my opinion.


  6. First impressions..

    #1 Note 8
    #2 Pixel
    #3 iPhone

    1 and 3 best
    Then #2


  7. Great idea! Rear: 1, 3, 2, for both video and sound. Front: 2, 1, 3 for video, then 1, 3, 2 for sound.


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