Can Fiesta Fivers Shield iPhone X from 50 FT Drop Take a look at?! Glad New Years!

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After I noticed what Fiesta Fivers had been, I needed to strive them out. The corporate even despatched some over for me to check out. Kinda superior. Kinda messy. Value it? Perhaps. lol

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  1. you should try using the Bezl iPhone Protector! Its supposed to be very minimal, but also useful and i think it would be helpful to see a drop test with it!


  2. Hey Gizmo, I really love watching your videos. Idk why l, but they just excite me. I hope I can actually get an iPhone since I never had one (using of aristo). Thanks for making these videos and making my day😊


  3. They can't take the time blurring out the licence plates do they put trash bags over them


  4. You should do can poppers protect and iPhone because they would all pop and it would be so cool (like this so he can see it)


  5. Too bad I missed this on 1/1. So who else missed this video on NYD. Comment if u did.


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